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October 5, 2009, 9:31 am
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Hello Internet 🙂

It’s been awhile since my last post so I figured I had to make this a good one 😉

Warning: l understand this Post might be a bit odd if you aren’t a Youtube watcher, But even so, I hope you enjoy it and maybe give it a chance and check out Shaycarl 🙂

For the past year and a bit I have been a fan of ShayCarl, first noticing him in Olgakay’s (Who I happen to know and adore) “Not everyone get’s Naked the same way” Video which was made during the Toronto Canada Youtube gathering in August 2008…. Check it out Below

Shay is a very unique Youtuber (Regular Youtube Poster)  He’s random, outspoken and funny and has an adorable family of three kids with his wife Kaitilette. Most commendable is that he isn’t afraid to be on camera despite his weight, he does mention it here and there but generally you can see that he is very comfortable in his skin. He has dedicated his time (and his family’s) to the daily Vlogs (Video Logs) hes been doing since his Birthday this year. For 213 days (as of this post, he plans to go for a whole year) the Internet has seen Shay live his life with his family, Moving from their home in Idaho to Venice Beach, Los Angeles to be closer to Shay’s new job/project The Station.  Which in itself is a phenomenon as it is the first collaborative comedy sketch channel to come up on YouTube containing some of its most famous celebrities like LisaNova, DaveDays, Shaycarl, Philip Defranco, KassemG, Shane Dawson, and more. This post is about Shay tho so I’ll move on. If you like random silly sometimes crude comedy tho you should go check out The Station  (There’s also one of their Video’s Below)

Shay, Katielette and their kids, whose names we barely hear for their privacy (they go by BabyTard, their youngest daughter who turned 2 this year, PrincessTard, their middle child, and SonTard, who is the oldest at I think 7-9 years old) are probably the sweetest family I’ve ever seen. If you wondering about the Tard part of things it comes from Shaytard, because Shay once wore a red Unitard for a Superbowl Sketch for his Main channel, After that the name just stuck.

I feel its been a privilege to be able to have a peek at someone’s life the way Shay share’s his with his audience. We’ve seen Days at the Beach, Birthday’s and Surprise parties, Behind the scene’s of The Station, Bbq’s with friends, Tire swing hunting, Baby tickling and loads more random family moments that I know personally most families don’t get to enjoy. So many homes are different or broken these days and its really great to see a family, happy and loving and real.

Their efforts don’t go unrewarded either as Shay has for a long while now been a YouTube Partner, earning money through Google adsense for his video views. I say this proudly not disparagingly because only handfuls of people are able to actually make a supportable living off of YouTube and I feel that they greatly deserve it. Since I first started watching Shay his daily veiws have more then tripled, obviously the Internet Loves Shay, and he loves them back. It takes alot of energy and dedication to wake up everyday, film your life, edit/render/upload it for a 3-5 hours (if your lucky) and do all the work that follows. I just hope that Shay knows his efforts aren’t unappreciated. While I haven’t been able to watch every day I have seen at least 80% and have shared quite a few of the video’s with friends who enjoyed them as well.

For me, It’s been something random for me to watch and enjoy. (Afterall, my Blog is called Pursuing Randomness) Not every video is fantastic, or long (except he once made a video 23 minutes long just to make a point 😛 ) but for the most part, its all been brilliant and worth my time and I really hope to see Shay go places with his career.

If you feel at all intrigued by any of this, please go check out Shay’s channels (Links Below) and show him some love.

Disclamer: I don’t know Shay personally aside from watching his video’s and some random chatting on blogtv/twitter. I’m supporting him as a fan in this post and nothing more. I Link the following video’s with Love, no infringement intended.

Now for the fun part, Some Video’s 😀

OlgaKay’s ~ Not Everyone gets naked the same Way: (First Video I saw Shay in)

The Station ~ Spider Problem (Shay and his Wife are both in this one) :

ShayCarl’s First Vlog on his 29th Birthday:

Hope You guys enjoyed some of that at least 😀 Comments below are appreciated, you even get a free cookie 😉


Boxxy Isn’t Dead…

Ok folks, Calm Down, It isn’t true. Boxxy isn’t dead.

Boxxy dead

Fake News Article Image posted on Encyclopedia dramatica – Notice the typo’s and the lack of web address etc?

I received many email’s asking about this and Despite what this Image is showing, Boxxy is in fact, still Alive, I can say confidently right now that I know she isn’t dead for many reasons.

I mean its not like I can go over to her house and check or anything but I gaurantee you all, If anything real had happened to Boxxy or Catherine Gomez (some people think this is her real name) then every news outlet in America would have atleast one segment about it. The amount of attention her video’s have had would deem it worth their time to report if anything had happened.

News of her death would spread faster then her video’s did. Never mind the fact that her friends in real life that she had most likely would have made it known if she had died (Via Facebook, Come on, If you found out your friend was famous on You tube, you’d talk about it) I also want to point out that the fake article was posted last week just as Boxxy was getting famous. I do believe tho that she is being harrased immensly, her twitter says there’s a red malibu outside her house that won’t leave. She’s been hacked on almost every public website and is apparently being stalked.

Truly folks, what is the Internet’s pettyness coming to? A 16 year old girl, who admittingly is cute but can barely speak an entire sentence without going “um” started a full out Internet Forum war, a viral video uproar and has become one of the most talked/searched about topic in age’s..Yay for Meme’s 😛

Take Care Kitties, and remember, Don’t believe everything you hear!

Peace! 😉

BoxxyBabee is No more?
January 19, 2009, 12:46 am
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Well folks, It seems that its all over, Boxxybabee is no longer, or atleast according to her twitter..


I find this rather amusing cause just a day ago her twitter warned of a new video soon, and there is, but its apparently not by her:

The info for the video is as follows:

This is an official message to Boxxy and Boxxy-fans everywhere that Boxxy will no longer be making an appearance on the Internet.
Note: We do not want her life ruined. Some people, namely Anonymous, may try to hunt her down in real life in the form of a raid. We do not want this to happen.
That is all.
-CBCR and CBCR Leader, Eyrev

So yea…apparently this CBCR group , which stands for Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction (LMAO) has got into her Youtube account, deleted her other video’s and has put up this new warning video.

This whole thing is hilariously out of control, honestly I think its a stunt but whatever its still funny. Boxxy’s fame has spread around the net, one person showed another and another and eventually now anyone that is a youtube veiwer knows about her.  All started over a online game! I’ve got some experience with game related drama but this take’s the cake.  The lengths some poeple will go!

Albeit Amusing and Strange I still wonder what’s next if anything at all! lol.

Comment below please, what do you think of these people hacking into Boxxy’s Youtube account?

Peace Xo

BoxxyBabee’s Story Revealed
January 17, 2009, 7:33 pm
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I found it. The answer to all your questions about BoxxyBabee. A Blog went up today by Byzantinist who has managed to gather the whole story together, quite well I might add.  To read the whole thing please click here.

The Basic run down is that she played the game Gaia online, she was a active poster for awhile back in 2006 to a forum called 7chan, quit for awhile and then came back in 2007 posted like a maniac for a week or so, put up a few Youtube shoutouts in January 2008 and then ofcourse dissapeared again until this past December 27th, when the video ‘FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY’ was posted on i-am-bored.com. This was spotted by someone at 7chan, who embedded the video at the top of the random chat board,  the rival forum 4chan put the video up as well with the ‘Expert’ level afforded to those who would withstand the entire video without wanting to “tear out their hair or hurt small animals”. Posters saw this as either ‘the most insane display we’ve ever seen on youtube’ or ‘the cutest girl you’ve ever seen’. This very event was what started Boxxy’s Fame. Just by Posting a Random rant video she had started a war, one of which this blogger can’t believe could actually be happening over this girl.  People have fought to cripple each other and their game (they crashed the server) because of her. But yea once again, Please go over to Byzantinist’s Blog to check it out. (Link above)

Still no actual confirmation either way of who she is or where she comes from but I guess that’s the beauty of the Internet.

Just thought I’d update you all with what I found. I’ve been getting lots of emails and comments from various veiwers about Boxxy and I aim to please with my content. If there’s anything else you’d all like to read about etc Im happy to do the research 😉 so please comment below and let me know!

Peace XoX

BoxxyBabee Hacked?
January 15, 2009, 2:05 am
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Boxxybabee’s practically overnight celebrity is still perplexing me…I’ve been looking around, doing some research and it turns out she’s a very active forum poster on various forums around the net. Part of what I’ve found most intresting is that she knows who to pay attention to..She’s subscribed to all the usual Youtubers on Youtube, the only people on her Twitter that she’s following is Sxephil, Shaycarl, Charlestrippy and Nicklivemafia…I honestly believe she may know what she’s doing…albeit how annoying she is, she is getting lots of veiws and becoming famous, her video’s have become Viral even.

Speaking of her Twitter, I’m surprised more people haven’t found her account yet! If you want it Click here.. (Why am I helping her *ugh*)

My research has also provided me with finding out that someone tried to Hack her cell phone, they managed to get in and change her greeting to: “Hi guys, this isn’t boxxybabee. Nope, it isn’t. This is Altalp, and all I’ve got to say is ‘cactus cactus cactus’”

Turns out tho its not really her phone, it actually belongs to a girl named Katrina Baker who claims to be the real boxxy and says that the other girl is just acting like boxxy to “imitate” and “make fun of” her. I’ve looked at Katrina’s video’s a bit and they don’t seem to be anything hugely special…course neither is Boxxybabee’s…

This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder…Thought you all would like to know what I’ve learned tho 🙂 Comment below please, tell me why you guys think she’s getting so famous.

Update: https://pursuingrandomness.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/boxxybabee-is-no-more/

BoxxyBabee = Fail
January 13, 2009, 1:07 pm
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My following of SxePhil has lead me to Boxxybabee and wow…I can’t even put her into words…literally.

Its like someone gave her alot of coffee, some ritalin and 1000 pixie sticks. I see speech tendancies in her that are reminisant of cerebral palsy :S She say’s she doesn’t do drugs or has ADD etc..And the thing is I can’t tell if she really talks like that in reality or if she’s pulling a character, If she is, its almost not funny because of:

A) How annoying she sounds

B) there really are people who talk like that who can’t help it and it looks like she’s mocking it..

People on youtube are loving her? But how can you even understand anything she’s saying? And people said Gilmore girls was bad!

In 3 days she’s had over half million veiws.. and I don’t know why…

Check her out for yourself:

What is the Internet coming to?

Merry Christmas!

To all of you that have taken the time to read my rambles over these past months, I want to extend a sincere Thank-you and to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas etc…I hope your happy and safe this Holiday and with the one’s you love.

This blog has been fun to write and I hope to be able to bring you all much more of the best of Randomness in the near future. I appreciate all the comments and emails and am happy to know that I’ve made people laugh or they’ve enjoyed something I’ve put up or rambled about. Hopefully I’ll even be able to spread the randomness to more people in the New Year! (Tell your friends!)

With this I give you some very special random Christmas Video’s that I’ve found and enjoyed from Youtube 😀

First up..

Jesus and Vishnu on Christmas Eve posted by SethComedy (Seth McFarlane)


A video by Itsbrent, random and a bit amusing, its the classic Christmas tree problem! Getting it Home..

Jeff Dunham and Peanut