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Elevator: Youtube Gold
February 6, 2009, 12:10 pm
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Recently I’ve come across a channel on Youtube that just cracks me up, The Elevator Show

It truly is pure gold, they just provide such random video’s that can only be summed up perfectly by its channel description:

Ahhh, the elevator, a place to spend ninety seconds standing uncomfortably close to whoever enters the car. Watch as these office workers deal with people and situations that will make you take the stairs forever. Experience the series that begs the question, “Where do you get off?”

Follow the adventures of Harold, Chris, Intern Jane, Jacob, Alicia, Paul, Sharon, Mr. Grant, Lily, Death, the pirates, the ninjas, and one very sensitive serial killer. Get some canned goods and prepare to rock!

I highly recommend this channel if your bored and want a bit of randomness to brighten your day 😉

Peace 😉 Xo

Random note: I haven’t posted in awhile due to relocating, for those that were wondering..

*Thanks to Aeria and Jacoz for the nice enquiring emails :)*


Boxxy Isn’t Dead…

Ok folks, Calm Down, It isn’t true. Boxxy isn’t dead.

Boxxy dead

Fake News Article Image posted on Encyclopedia dramatica – Notice the typo’s and the lack of web address etc?

I received many email’s asking about this and Despite what this Image is showing, Boxxy is in fact, still Alive, I can say confidently right now that I know she isn’t dead for many reasons.

I mean its not like I can go over to her house and check or anything but I gaurantee you all, If anything real had happened to Boxxy or Catherine Gomez (some people think this is her real name) then every news outlet in America would have atleast one segment about it. The amount of attention her video’s have had would deem it worth their time to report if anything had happened.

News of her death would spread faster then her video’s did. Never mind the fact that her friends in real life that she had most likely would have made it known if she had died (Via Facebook, Come on, If you found out your friend was famous on You tube, you’d talk about it) I also want to point out that the fake article was posted last week just as Boxxy was getting famous. I do believe tho that she is being harrased immensly, her twitter says there’s a red malibu outside her house that won’t leave. She’s been hacked on almost every public website and is apparently being stalked.

Truly folks, what is the Internet’s pettyness coming to? A 16 year old girl, who admittingly is cute but can barely speak an entire sentence without going “um” started a full out Internet Forum war, a viral video uproar and has become one of the most talked/searched about topic in age’s..Yay for Meme’s 😛

Take Care Kitties, and remember, Don’t believe everything you hear!

Peace! 😉

BoxxyBabee Hacked?
January 15, 2009, 2:05 am
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Boxxybabee’s practically overnight celebrity is still perplexing me…I’ve been looking around, doing some research and it turns out she’s a very active forum poster on various forums around the net. Part of what I’ve found most intresting is that she knows who to pay attention to..She’s subscribed to all the usual Youtubers on Youtube, the only people on her Twitter that she’s following is Sxephil, Shaycarl, Charlestrippy and Nicklivemafia…I honestly believe she may know what she’s doing…albeit how annoying she is, she is getting lots of veiws and becoming famous, her video’s have become Viral even.

Speaking of her Twitter, I’m surprised more people haven’t found her account yet! If you want it Click here.. (Why am I helping her *ugh*)

My research has also provided me with finding out that someone tried to Hack her cell phone, they managed to get in and change her greeting to: “Hi guys, this isn’t boxxybabee. Nope, it isn’t. This is Altalp, and all I’ve got to say is ‘cactus cactus cactus’”

Turns out tho its not really her phone, it actually belongs to a girl named Katrina Baker who claims to be the real boxxy and says that the other girl is just acting like boxxy to “imitate” and “make fun of” her. I’ve looked at Katrina’s video’s a bit and they don’t seem to be anything hugely special…course neither is Boxxybabee’s…

This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder…Thought you all would like to know what I’ve learned tho 🙂 Comment below please, tell me why you guys think she’s getting so famous.

Update: https://pursuingrandomness.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/boxxybabee-is-no-more/