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Holy Blogpost Batman!


Hello Internet…

It’s been awhile, anyone miss me? 😉 I know I have a couple hundred emails awaiting me today (haven’t checked the blogmail in a few weeks lol) mostly queries and comments, but a few people were wondering what happened to me, and I’ll put it all into one word for ya: Job, lol.

On that note…I suppose this is due….

That’s right folks…..

A Boxxy Update:

There are alot of you STILL asking about Boxxy, and I don’t blame you, she’s like a drug, and as of this moment over 1200 people on her twitter are using her 😉 She’s been updating alot lately, pondering whether it was safe to come out yet lol, even begging for followers by saying ‘920, no one loves me’ and that was 2 days ago…I hope she doesn’t, and yet strangely…I do! You guys like reading about her and I like posting about her, its a Win Win 😛 What do you guys think? Comments Below please..

For those that don’t know who Boxxy is, here’s one of her video’s (the one that made her the most famous, 1 million hits in 2 days on youtube) She is what is called a Internet Meme, which is basically just a random video or picture (Like rickrolling if you know what that is :P) that for some reason everyone catches on to and shares with everyone else, usually because its strange or incredible, in this case…well its self explanitory, for More Info click the Boxxy link in my Cloud to the left (its kinda compelling stuff, she was getting stalked! lol) :

And for those you of you that have better things to do than watch a video about a Hyper 16 year old youtube sensation….I have 2 video’s for you 🙂

A teaser trailer of the upcoming Cleavland Show (Which I happily rambled about way back in October!)

It premiers September 27th on Fox ofcourse, Don’t miss it! (Seth McFarlane Ftw)

And…It might seem to soon but here’s a Hilarious Clip from the Brilliant guys @ Mediocre Films (Check em out!)…Micheal Jackson Sock Puppet Theatre:

As a courtesy to those who might be offended, here is the Sidebar from Mediocre Films:

READ ME: Yes, I know it’s “too soon” for jokes about MJ. I was a big MJ fan (especially the Jackson 5), and the media made fun of Michael for years while he was alive, so frankly I’d find it hypocritical to stop spoofing (and therefore celebrating) his truly odd lifestyle now. Besides, we all agree there was no other man in pop music as talented as he was — no one disputes his accomplishments! So sit back and enjoy the oddities that made up his life. And don’t EVER abuse your children. Cuz look what happens when you do.

My favorite comment was from Westerngun: “if you cant make fun of everything, don’t make fun of anything.”

If you’re a subscriber to my channel, I’m glad to have you here. I’m going to keep doing what I think is funny. If you’re leaving, that’s okay too, we just don’t have the same sense of humor. One thing is for sure: There will be more episodes of Celebrity Sock Puppet Theatre, whenever there are interesting tabloid stories about stars.

That’s all for today! Comments Below pretty please 🙂


The Trouble with Twitter?
March 23, 2009, 12:50 pm
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Hello All 🙂

I know, I know, It’s been awhile since my last post – lol Thanks for the emails, you know who you are 😉 – I’ve been pretty busy lately/hurt my middle finger badly in a random ice/glass related incident 😛 So my typing isnt at it’s usual speed/efficiency and I haven’t felt the want to bother 😉

The Good News is that I’ve been inspired by some randomness I’ve been up to lately..Twitter. (http://www.twitter.com/Zenobie) 😛

Yea, I’ve really been getting into it, somehow it’s become addicting to post random 140 character thoughts, status’s and replies 😛 Mostly I believe, or atleast for my own taste and reasons, because of the vast community which is filled with random and brilliant people. Everyone from that guy on his cell phone talking about his latte from Starbucks to such celebs as Stephen Fry, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Tony Hawk, Stephen Colbert, Ellen and Much more…

It gives such a broad and wonderful perspective of people’s lives. I’ve learned in the past few weeks some pretty random but yet fantastic things. Including that most celebs really are down to earth and not what the media makes them out to be. Just the other day, While Demi was steaming Ashton’s suit for him he snuck a snap shot of her bending over in her “granny panties” onto Twitter with only “shh don’t tell wifey” she replied with basically “oh that ashton” and they just laughed it off. I think that’s fantastic considering 10 years ago she was making loads of money to share that with the world in Striptease

Twitter has gone from a playground for bored geeks to one of the leading social and media outlets to date. News networks etc are using Twitter to connect with veiwers, even John McCain and George Stephanopalous (I spell) had a random public interveiw on Twitter…

In fact it’s even perhaps getting out of control? Some worry that with more users the less safe and amusing it will become. Advertisers can create accounts to spam Tweeps (Twitter Lingo FTW) Privacy becomes less available because the default is that all your messages are shared on a public timeline. Everyone who follows you, and who follows them, and so on, can easily read your tweets. Fact is tho, its all about personal responsibility. If you don’t want the world to know something, don’t Tweet it. If you think its possible for something to perhaps bite you in the ass, then Don’t bother. If you care.

Twitter is about being random and sharing your thoughts. Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing, even if it isn’t uniform around the World. I mostly just have a good hearted laugh about it all because it’s just one of those things that shouldnt be taken to seriously. Yet when Twitter Glitches or goes down with the Fail Whale (see the Twouble with Twitters video below) its the end of the world in the  twitterverse 😉 (not quite as bad in said video) but even Ive found myself incredibly annoyed when my replies etc don’t show up for some random reason.

But really, Twitter is brilliant, especially if you take it for what it is. A random way for people around the world to share and enjoy each other’s 140 character thoughts etc. Nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion. Gives insight and perspecitive, its amusing and best of all, Free.

And on that note I leave with you the infamous Twouble with Twitter video from Current.com and A clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, A segment by Samantha Bee as she explains the Twitter Frenzy from her perspective 🙂 Enjoy!

Peace! Xo 😉

Boxxy Disclaimer
February 8, 2009, 1:07 am
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I Can’t believe I find myself writing this post…

Since that fateful day when I decided that Boxxy was intresting/amusing enough for me to ramble about on my blog, I have recieved many emails and comments, Quite a few were kind, thanking me for my efforts etc but a few were well, Amusing/Annoying…

So I’ve decided a little Q and A is in order..(Typo’s and all)

Q: “Your boxxy arent you, can i have ur #?”

A: No I’m not, I’m just a blogger that happened to post something that soon after became Viral.

Q: That twitter is a fake, you know. Don’t believe trolls.

A: Yes Im aware this is a possibility, but it happens to be the only website  (besides the video’s themselves) that seem to be the real boxxy…if the trolls are still trying to hack her account etc…they really need something better to do.

Q: Please, that titter isn’t even hers. Its most likely your account, you made to get traffic to your little gay-blog.

***face is a ***face.

A: Btw…This particular question is the reason for this post.

*Warning: Heavy Sarcasm*

Yep your right, I have nothing better to do then make a fake twitter to increase my Blog veiws…(Considering I work 50-60 hrs a week)
Gee this whole time when I’ve had average – moderate veiws, this was the answer to my success?  I should have thought of that 7 months ago!! 
P.S Thanks for the immature language, its appreciated.

Q: Can you give me her real name/gaia name/any personal info?

A: What I do know that hasn’t been published, wont be. I don’t believe in sharing another person’s information, as well as furthering this insane situation. It got way out of hand, and sharing the handful of things I do know will only lead to more crazyness.

So there you have it folks. I am not Boxxy, I am not one of the Hackers, I am not someone who took advantage of the situation (well a little 😛 I kept talking about it because so many of you were intrested in the content, but originally it was just because of how random/insane Boxxy’s video’s are) and most of all I’m not a Rat. There were many other comments/emails of this nature but these were the ones that annoyed/amused me the most 😉

Thanks to all the kind people out there who have appreciated my efforts, and to those that have decided to subscribe to my Rss feed. I write these posts to share with the world as well as for myself and its nice to know its appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Please continue to look out for exciting new random posts in the future!

Boxxy forced to Move?
January 29, 2009, 8:09 am
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For all you Boxxy Fan’s out there:


Yep, Apparently she’s had to move to an undisclosed location (TBH, I’m a little surprised she can spell undisclosed lol I kid, I kid)

Poor Little Boxxy, Got more fame then she could handle..

I still think that it’s insane how far things have gone with all this. I mean the girl just wanted to put up a shout out video, I’m sure she didn’t expect any of this to happen to her and now she’s apparantly being forced to move in order to regain her privacy.

Between her reputation on 4chan /b/ etc and SxePhil putting her in one of his video’s it really got the ball rolling for the situation as it is now. I found her through SxePhil and so did alot of other’s but atleast 75% of her veiws have to do with Gaia/4Chan and people randomlly sharing her video because of just how crazy it is. So for all those out there that think Phil was her bid for fame, your wrong. There’s a reason why her video’s were so noticed. (See earlier posts) Between her very unique speaking style, randomness and well to be frank “cuteness” that some people see, she’s a Youtube sensation. No other random shoutout video has ever gotten this much attention in so little time, and probally won’t again for a long time.

I actually kinda feel sorry for her. But you know what? You get what you give 🙂

Peace 😀

Boxxy Isn’t Dead…

Ok folks, Calm Down, It isn’t true. Boxxy isn’t dead.

Boxxy dead

Fake News Article Image posted on Encyclopedia dramatica – Notice the typo’s and the lack of web address etc?

I received many email’s asking about this and Despite what this Image is showing, Boxxy is in fact, still Alive, I can say confidently right now that I know she isn’t dead for many reasons.

I mean its not like I can go over to her house and check or anything but I gaurantee you all, If anything real had happened to Boxxy or Catherine Gomez (some people think this is her real name) then every news outlet in America would have atleast one segment about it. The amount of attention her video’s have had would deem it worth their time to report if anything had happened.

News of her death would spread faster then her video’s did. Never mind the fact that her friends in real life that she had most likely would have made it known if she had died (Via Facebook, Come on, If you found out your friend was famous on You tube, you’d talk about it) I also want to point out that the fake article was posted last week just as Boxxy was getting famous. I do believe tho that she is being harrased immensly, her twitter says there’s a red malibu outside her house that won’t leave. She’s been hacked on almost every public website and is apparently being stalked.

Truly folks, what is the Internet’s pettyness coming to? A 16 year old girl, who admittingly is cute but can barely speak an entire sentence without going “um” started a full out Internet Forum war, a viral video uproar and has become one of the most talked/searched about topic in age’s..Yay for Meme’s 😛

Take Care Kitties, and remember, Don’t believe everything you hear!

Peace! 😉

BoxxyBabee is No more?
January 19, 2009, 12:46 am
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Well folks, It seems that its all over, Boxxybabee is no longer, or atleast according to her twitter..


I find this rather amusing cause just a day ago her twitter warned of a new video soon, and there is, but its apparently not by her:

The info for the video is as follows:

This is an official message to Boxxy and Boxxy-fans everywhere that Boxxy will no longer be making an appearance on the Internet.
Note: We do not want her life ruined. Some people, namely Anonymous, may try to hunt her down in real life in the form of a raid. We do not want this to happen.
That is all.
-CBCR and CBCR Leader, Eyrev

So yea…apparently this CBCR group , which stands for Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction (LMAO) has got into her Youtube account, deleted her other video’s and has put up this new warning video.

This whole thing is hilariously out of control, honestly I think its a stunt but whatever its still funny. Boxxy’s fame has spread around the net, one person showed another and another and eventually now anyone that is a youtube veiwer knows about her.  All started over a online game! I’ve got some experience with game related drama but this take’s the cake.  The lengths some poeple will go!

Albeit Amusing and Strange I still wonder what’s next if anything at all! lol.

Comment below please, what do you think of these people hacking into Boxxy’s Youtube account?

Peace Xo

BoxxyBabee Hacked?
January 15, 2009, 2:05 am
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Boxxybabee’s practically overnight celebrity is still perplexing me…I’ve been looking around, doing some research and it turns out she’s a very active forum poster on various forums around the net. Part of what I’ve found most intresting is that she knows who to pay attention to..She’s subscribed to all the usual Youtubers on Youtube, the only people on her Twitter that she’s following is Sxephil, Shaycarl, Charlestrippy and Nicklivemafia…I honestly believe she may know what she’s doing…albeit how annoying she is, she is getting lots of veiws and becoming famous, her video’s have become Viral even.

Speaking of her Twitter, I’m surprised more people haven’t found her account yet! If you want it Click here.. (Why am I helping her *ugh*)

My research has also provided me with finding out that someone tried to Hack her cell phone, they managed to get in and change her greeting to: “Hi guys, this isn’t boxxybabee. Nope, it isn’t. This is Altalp, and all I’ve got to say is ‘cactus cactus cactus’”

Turns out tho its not really her phone, it actually belongs to a girl named Katrina Baker who claims to be the real boxxy and says that the other girl is just acting like boxxy to “imitate” and “make fun of” her. I’ve looked at Katrina’s video’s a bit and they don’t seem to be anything hugely special…course neither is Boxxybabee’s…

This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder…Thought you all would like to know what I’ve learned tho 🙂 Comment below please, tell me why you guys think she’s getting so famous.

Update: https://pursuingrandomness.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/boxxybabee-is-no-more/