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Family Guy = <3, Palin = :(

As a big Seth MacFarlane fan I’ve seen almost every (if not every) episode of Family Guy, most of American Dad and am even subscribed to his channel on youtube. I’ve yet to come across the Cleveland Show tho…

But As of tonight’s Family guy episode I’m just incredibly fanstruck!

Road to Germany  (From Tv.Com)

While looking for the bathroom, Mort Goldman accidentally steps into Stewie’s time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland in the middle of the Nazi invasion. Brian and Stewie follow him to Nazi Germany in an attempt to save him and bring him back to the present safely.

Everything from the cheap Jew jokes, to a poke at about why America won’t invade Germany (No oil)

And one particular scene that deserves to be noted, ONLY Seth MacFarlane could get away with this:

Freakin Hilarious! The American Election is just about 2 weeks away, this was the perfect time to associate McCain/Palin with Nazi Germany. Might as well of had Hitler come on screen and say “Hi my Name is Adolf Hitler and I approved this Message” Just Brilliant.

Which leads me to my next bit of randomness…

Sarah Palin was a guest on SNL this weekend….and I have to say that Tina Fey makes a better Sarah Palin then Sarah Palin does! lol It opens with Tina Fey portraying her at a mock Press confrence in front of the studio audience. Her first line: “First off, I just want to say how excited I am to be in front of both the liberal elite media as well as the liberal regular media,” said Fey. “I am looking forward to a portion of your questions.”

Moments later the real Palin is speaking to executive producer Lorne Michaels “You know, Lorne, I just don’t think it’s a realistic depiction of the way my press conferences would have gone,” Then the left-leaning Alec Baldwin then stumbled on stage, mistook Palin for Fey, and pleaded with Michaels not to let the two women share a platform. “This is the most important election in our nation’s history and you want her, our Tina, to … stand with that horrible woman?” (LMAO) Soon Lorne Micheals introduces Palin to Alec Baldwin who quickly says “I see. Forgive me. I feel I must say this: You are way hotter in person.”

Shortly afterwards, Palin walked on to the fake news conference set to deliver the programme’s stock opening line. “No, I’m not going to take any of your questions,” she told a cheering studio audience. “But I do want to take this opportunity to say, ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night’.”

Her final appearance came in the closing skit, a mock news sketch in which Amy Poehler, launched into an extended, Eminem-style rap, about Palin’s folksy campaign, with lyrics that included “from my porch I can see, Russia and such.” Palin was supposed to do the skit herself but had decided before airing that it would hurt the campaign..The Rap ended with a large moose dancing on the set, followed by the sound of gunshots, a joke poking at Palin’s fondness for hunting. Throughout the sketch, Palin rocked back and forth in her anchor seat, pumping her arms in the air, like the lame teacher at a brightly-lit school disco. *rolls eyes*

I unfortunatly can not find any video’s of Palin’s appearance that I can post on here but here are the links to NBC, I’ll edit this post if I find any on youtube etc…Enjoy and Thanks for reading!



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Vice Presidential Debate – SNL Style

SNL’s opening sketch last night of the VP debate was Hilarious thanks to Fey’s once again brilliant Palin impression. Winking and giving answers not always directly related to Queen Latifah’s (moderator Gwen Ifill) questions, Fey’s Palin said that if she was elected, her decisions would be guided by considering “what would a maverick do?” She also Thanked America for letting her speak without a media filter that asked pesky followup questions and cared about facts. At the end of the segment, she even asked with flute in hand, “Are we not doing the talent portion?” (Palin was runnerup in the 1984 Miss Alaska contest)


Tina Fey, Your my Hero ❤

Enjoy 😀

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Tina Fey For President!

For years I have been a Tina Fey fan, She’s Hilarious, in my humble opinion one of the best female comedic actress’s in America. She joined Saturday Night Live in 1997 and By 1999, was SNL’s first female head writer, she won a Emmy in 2001 for her contributions to SNL’s 25th Anniversary show and I’m sure there will be another one in her future, I certainatly think she deserves one.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have always been an amazing comic due. Both have been brilliant on SNL. Particulary their famous Weekend Update skits 😀 More recently they have raised the bar and I couldn’t be happier. My previous posts about Sarah Palin have obviously shown my opinion of her but these video’s say it best and more. So much more. I’m so freakin happy that they did these skits (and there will surely be more), every single thing that should be said or mocked, Brilliantly Is. 😀 ❤

Most of you have probally seen these before or atleast a few clips as they are what wikipedia is calling a Viral Video lol. Enjoy 😀 Took a bit for me to find the real full version’s that aren’t accomanied by Fox News 😉

Gov. Palin and Senator Clinton address the nation

Katie Couric Interveiws Sarah Palin

(Kinda freaky how Much Tina Fey looks like Sarah Palin :P)

Little Tid Bit From Wikipedia for your Enjoyment:

On the 34th season premiere episode, aired September 13, 2008, Fey returned to SNL in the role of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, alongside Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton. Their repartee included Clinton needling Palin about her “Tina Fey glasses”. It quickly became NBC.com’s most-watched viral video ever, with 5.7 million views by the following Wednesday. The return has been speculated to be temporary, despite the potentially long-term nature of the role, should Palin be elected. Palin’s campaign said that Palin was amused, particularly because she had once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween, though Palin later said she had seen the sketch without hearing the audio. John McCain supporter Carly Fiorina called the skit sexist.During the 2008 Emmy Awards, Fey said of the vice-presidential candidate, “I want to be done playing this lady November 5. So if anyone could help me be done playing this lady November 5, that would be good for me.” On September 27, she reprised her role as Palin, parodying the CBS News interview with Katie Couric, who was played by Poehler.

My lovely American Readers, Help Tina Fey 😉 Vote Obama!

Pretty Please..lol

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