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Old School, Literally ;)
August 4, 2008, 5:20 pm
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A recent conversation has led me to today’s entry (♥ *wink*)

Remember the days when our television’s and School’s would bring us those silly morning/weekend show’s like The Elephant Show, Under the Umbrella Tree, Mr.Dress Up, Fred Penner’s Place, The Friendly Giant (Canadian centric) And other’s from across the pond like Clangers, Look & Read, and The Wombles (which I’ve just learned about,no pun intended ;)). These old educational programs were lots of fun, sprinkled with puns and were full of musical greatness. Kids today grow up with a revised Sesame Street and mostly cartoons (Which incidentally also happen to 95% American now 😦 ).

So a tip of the of the Hat, or whatever phrase suits you best, to the Old School Programs that helped us all in one way or another, taught us about something worthwhile or a lesson every episode, gave us fond memories and random things we needed to know in life 🙂 (never mind some spiffy crafts)

Magic E – Look & Read

A tribute to Mr. Dress Up

Wombles Intro

The Elephant Show Intro

(I wasn’t kidding about this Blog being Random) 😉