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Canada FTW ;)
January 12, 2009, 2:57 am
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In a bit of Canadian news…

When Barack Obama makes his first out of country presidential visit, he will be enjoying the clean crisp Canadian air 😉 Keeping with what has been a tradition for many years (Except for President Bush who went to Mexico first) Barack will in fact be coming to Canada. He obviously see’s the strong relationship and support that Canada gives the States and wants to continue to strengthen it. While Canada has no immediate issue’s with America, we do have some that need to be addressed and its nice to know that Barack can see that.


Barack’s Pre-Presidential Address

Last night (October 29th) Barack Obama addressed the American nation on 7 television networks with a half hour “infomercial” that drew an “American Idol”-sized audience delaying the baseball World Series. (some saying that this very act was un-american *rolls eyes* Palin *cough*)

More than 33.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Democratic presidential nominee give a clear representation of his message and plans for his precidency. A large portion of this is spent showing real people with real problems. I commend the Obama campaign for taking the time to do this. There is alot of talk out there but only the people truly going through these every day problems actually know how bad the economy really is, how hard life is these days.

I know there is alot of speculation about Obama’s bank roll, the fact that he paid each network easily a million a peice to do this is in my humble opinion, admirable and exactly why Obama should win. He didnt use his money for special interests, he used it to support his message for change, the way he should.

Here’s the infomercial, the Obama campaign posted it on youtube:

Again I feel I must say, As a Canadian, I truly would be happier to see to Obama as the American President over McCain any day, 8 years of Bush Policy has affected Canada and another 4 years of the same policy will trickle down and continue to make things worse…Obama wants to look out for America, for the world. He’s worried about the people that need to be worried about and I for one truly encourage all American’s to look and see what your future could be. Give your children a chance for change. Give the rest of us a chance for change. Think of your fellow Earthican’s America (*yay futurama reference*)

Only 5 days left, lets hope they end well.

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