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Believe Japan got Karma? Expect some Soon
March 12, 2011, 6:48 pm
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Oddly enough it took this topic to break my blog silence, haven’t had the time to post and frankly wanted to write about more than Boxxy… To my fans that come here for that, I’m sorry I haven’t written about her Return, I just feel it’s a done topic, she’s apparently started making video’s again for those that wanna know, YouTube is your Friend.. Thank you to all my visitors for their nice comments and support, I apologize for the lack of updating.

Now onto bigger and more important things…

It more than appalls me that some people legitimately believe that the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan are Karma for Pearl Harbor, that it is god’s way of getting justice for America. How much of an inflated Ego do you need to believe such rubbish.

If you honestly think Japan deserves this because of something that happened over 60 years ago, then take everything in your house that was made in Japan, and get rid of it, Because you Sir, are a hypocrite. This includes your iPhone and most household items by the way..

I know I am not alone on this opinion as I spotted this website today:  http://karmajapan.tumblr.com I applaud the maker of this blog, it is wrong that so many people feel this way… if something that devastating had happened in America the nation would be heartbroken. Saying thing’s like “Oh they are over-populated, they’ll replace them in a week” is completely racist. It’s 2011 People, time to catch up. What if it was your loved one being swept away without control only to die after fighting for their life?

If the disaster in Japan should teach us anything, it’s that we should be appreciating what we have, while we have it.. Life may not be perfect, but it is the only life we have. Enjoy it, Embrace it, Live it.. Not everyone has that luxury.

FYI: http://ignorantandonline.tumblr.com/ is also of interest as it showcases examples of people stating their opinions, ignorantly. Starting with the Japan issue.

Peace and Love Interwebz ❤

Visit Red Cross for ways to help or Text REDCROSS to 90999 in North America