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15 Years for Throwing Shoe’s!

Muntadar al-Zaidi, or the “Shoe Thrower” is still in custody and has yet to be seen publically. His brother Uday alleged Friday that his isolation indicates he was abused.

“Until now, neither an attorney nor anyone from his family has seen him and this is clear evidence that Muntadhar was under intense torture,” he said at a demonstration by about 20 family members just outside the Green Zone. “The investigation process is now under way in mysterious circumstances.”

This has become huge in Iraq, many Iraqis consider Muntadar a hero for defying George Bush so publically, they think Bush destroyed their country…A shouting match Wednesday between parliament members for and against Muntadar prompted the speaker, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, to announce he was resigning. Mashhadani showed up at parliament Thursday to resume his speaker duties. But so many lawmakers were in protest of his outburst that the session was canceled.

Muntadar could get almost 15 years for this, he’s apoligized to the Prime Minister in a letter, in which even he said it was a “ugly act” although I don’t think Bush is aware of it, considering he himself said it was “No big deal” how could the man be prosecuted for Insulting a Foreign Leader?

Posted by Micheal Moore on Youtube:


What do you guys think? Should he get hard time just because he just lost his temper and threw his shoe’s?

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Shoe Slinger Still Slung
December 16, 2008, 2:00 pm
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Sorry for the title, the cheezy in me couldn’t resist 😛

The news is still highly a buzz about the Iraqi reporter that threw his shoe’s at George Bush. He hasn’t been released yet and there is no real confirmation on whether he’s hurt or not…I beg the question, why not? The Bush rep’s have said that it’s not a big deal etc, Bush wasn’t even hurt, his secretary was. The poor women has a black eye from one of the shoe’s! And even she said it’s not worth all the worry.

“So what if the guy threw his shoe at me?” Bush told a reporter in response to a question about the incident.
“Let me talk about the guy throwing his shoe. It’s one way to gain attention. It’s like going to a political rally and having people yell at you. It’s like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers, It’s a way for people to draw attention. I don’t know what the guy’s cause is. But one thing is for certain. He caused you to ask me a question about it. I didn’t feel the least bit threatened by it”

That’s what Bush is going to be remembered for…screwing up America and ducking some Iraqi reporter’s shoe..

What a Legacy the Man Leaves!

Shoe Slinger!
December 14, 2008, 7:56 pm
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During a Press Conference in Iraq a man threw his shoe’s at George Bush, and you have to laugh a little. 

In my opinion, Atleast that’s all he did..the fact that he was able to get the first and second shoe thrown shows just how much the Presidential security is lacking, if that were a gun, Bush would be dead right now..

With nearly 1,000,000 Iraqis dead as a result of the war, flying shoes are practically a christmas card.. In Iraqi culture shoe’s are considered dirty etc and throwing them at Bush was obviously a very strong showing of disrespect and hatred…Don’t blame him 😦

Here’s the Video posted by Micheal Moore on Youtube:

Poor Guy got trampled…And I hate that smugish smile on Bush’s face afterward..that’s right George, just shrug it off..

Peace, And Please Comment!

A Sarah Palin Rant..

I was avoiding this…For awhile I was following the American Election…I am Canadian but I know how much American Politics affect Canada (nvm the rest of the world) but I really didn’t want to pay attention after I was annoyed by it….I had hoped for HIlary Clinton (and yet most definatly I am still ok w/Barack Obama as he’s not a George Bush Clone) to remain on the ticket but alas its not her time (She has quite a few good idea’s that would make things better for everyone)…I figured it was because America wasn’t ready for a women..maybe a African American Man but not a Women but then John McCain pulled a wildcard…Sarah Palin…Who so happens to be a very intense women. She’s a strong political crusading christian, anti-abortionist (even in cases of rape and insest) and a Oil drilling in Alaska supporter..I could go on…either way..John McCain sure picked a good strategy, get the Hilary supporters! *rolls eyes*

This first Video is her saying that the war in Iraq is God’s Plan….

Matt Damon’s Opinion (Cant believe I’m using his opinion but he’s got a very good point…No one wants President Palin…)

Best for Last, BamBamKaboosh#3 – Sarah Palin Song! (I Picked a Girl!)

The saddest part of all, all this hype and attention that is being generated is what’s getting Sarah Palin’s name out there…its what might help McCain win most of all…

(^%$ &$ # @^&*#!) *ahem*

If any American’s are reading this…Please, for love of whatever you hold dearest, don’t vote for McCain!

Vote Obama! Please! 😉

Peace 🙂 (At atleast lets hope it stays that way)

(Anyone think the CIA or someone might come after me for this? lol 😉 )