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Sarah Palin Action Figures…

Sarah Palin action figures are now out in toy stores and online, joining dolls in the likeness of other political Figures like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and John Edwards and More..

For your veiwing Pleasure *snerk*

The schoolgirl version sells for $29.95; the buttoned-up action figure dressed in a business suit is listed at $27.95, and the gun-toting super hero action figure is on sale for $29.95.
HeroBuilders.com sells these Sarah Palin dolls if your intrested, if your not, keep reading 😉 😛

Disclaimer: Rant ahead…

I can’t believe this…Sarah Palin is such a peice of hype! She hasnt done anything notable enough to be a Action Figure, hasnt done anything amazing….(This is Lame)….*grumble* This is exactly what I was talking about in my Sarah Palin Rant Post (click the Link if your Intrested) I can’t believe people actually would buy this…that someone took the time to make one! I get the feeling that someone’s a little to sure that she’s gonna be around awhile…this is sad…were gonna have to listen to all this “futurement of society” “change in the government” “finally a african american president” “things will get better” propaganda, and then guess what, Nothing will change. McCain is going to be the Next American President…were all gonna be so screwed!

McCain will be a war monger like Bush with actual military experience to boot! He’s actually been in War zones and been hurt by them, thus has alot more to go after! I feel like he could have a personal vendetta….Nevermind with a quarter of American oil production now flooded due to Hurricane Ike, The situation in Iraq and the cost of gas already on the rise, gas and every single thing we buy will be more expensive 😦 Minimum wage won’t go up, tax break’s won’t change. I remember 5 years ago paying $1 canadian for a loaf of wonderbread (which if you live in North America you know is nummy bread) and now just today, I paid $3….The Banks wonder why so many people are in debt, why were in a reccession?

And yet money’s being wasted on a war we can’t win and Action Figures that are Pathetic..

/End Rant

Thanks for listening lol, Comment Below Please, they make me giddy 😉

Peace 🙂


Hurricane Ike
September 13, 2008, 9:18 pm
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Excerpt from Yahoo U.S News – By Chris Baltimore and Anna Driver
HOUSTON (Reuters) – Hurricane Ike slammed into the most populated part of the Texas coast on Saturday with ferocious winds and a wall of water that flooded seaside towns, paralyzed the oil hub of Houston and cut power to millions.
Although Ike is believed to have inflicted billions of dollars in damage, relieved officials and residents said the monster storm the size of Texas appears to have been less destructive than originally feared.
The hurricane, which idled about a quarter of U.S. crude oil production and refining capacity, swamped the island city of Galveston and then hammered Houston, the country’s fourth-largest city, shattering the windows of skyscrapers and showering streets with debris.

Unfortunatly all this has resulted in is an overnight Gas Hike….(RIP the poor souls that died)

Another reason for gas to go up isnt good for anyone, even those like myself that don’t drive 😦

Not to sound like another enviromentalist but Honestly folks, Car pooling, Buses, Trains, Take Advantage of them..it’ll save you money.

Peace 🙂