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A Youtube Live Review..

This weekends Youtube Live event was a smash success, with over 1 million veiwers, loads of entertainment and lots of fun. Everything from Katy Perry’s amusing opening with her single Hot N Cold (btw am I the only that has noticed she’s better on album then Live?) Latimer the Magician, competitive stacking cup kids, Freddie Wong playing Guitar Hero, a new Happy Tree Friends episode and ofcourse Jon Chu and the League of Extraordinary Dancers lighting up the stage with their usual unique preformance quality, even the free hugs guy and so incredibly much more. Youtube Live has posted the full show on their Channel, I encourage it to be checked out, there’s a little something for everyone 🙂 Youtube is definatly paving the way for new methods of providing entertainment to the mass’s. Considering how many veiwers took the time to turn on their computers for the event, and how many people showed up in San Fransico (where it was hosted)

I feel were definatly seeing a bit of the future. I certaintly hope they hold another Youtube Live event again soon.

Highlights from Youtube Live:

Peace 😉