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Shoe Slinger Still Slung
December 16, 2008, 2:00 pm
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Sorry for the title, the cheezy in me couldn’t resist 😛

The news is still highly a buzz about the Iraqi reporter that threw his shoe’s at George Bush. He hasn’t been released yet and there is no real confirmation on whether he’s hurt or not…I beg the question, why not? The Bush rep’s have said that it’s not a big deal etc, Bush wasn’t even hurt, his secretary was. The poor women has a black eye from one of the shoe’s! And even she said it’s not worth all the worry.

“So what if the guy threw his shoe at me?” Bush told a reporter in response to a question about the incident.
“Let me talk about the guy throwing his shoe. It’s one way to gain attention. It’s like going to a political rally and having people yell at you. It’s like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers, It’s a way for people to draw attention. I don’t know what the guy’s cause is. But one thing is for certain. He caused you to ask me a question about it. I didn’t feel the least bit threatened by it”

That’s what Bush is going to be remembered for…screwing up America and ducking some Iraqi reporter’s shoe..

What a Legacy the Man Leaves!


Shoe Slinger!
December 14, 2008, 7:56 pm
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During a Press Conference in Iraq a man threw his shoe’s at George Bush, and you have to laugh a little. 

In my opinion, Atleast that’s all he did..the fact that he was able to get the first and second shoe thrown shows just how much the Presidential security is lacking, if that were a gun, Bush would be dead right now..

With nearly 1,000,000 Iraqis dead as a result of the war, flying shoes are practically a christmas card.. In Iraqi culture shoe’s are considered dirty etc and throwing them at Bush was obviously a very strong showing of disrespect and hatred…Don’t blame him 😦

Here’s the Video posted by Micheal Moore on Youtube:

Poor Guy got trampled…And I hate that smugish smile on Bush’s face afterward..that’s right George, just shrug it off..

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Bailout Vote = Fail
September 30, 2008, 4:13 pm
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Yesterday, The United States Congress voted on a Bill (Endorsed Heavily by George Bush – our news has been flooded with it for the last few days) that was supposed to help the current financial crisis in the United States and In turn that is affecting all of us.

The $700 Million U.S Dollar bailout proposal would have given the Treasury authority to buy unwanted assets, like non-paying mortgages from banks, credit unions and other firms, in the hopes of purging the financial system of bad debts and persuading banks to keep credit flowing. Why the vote failed was unclear, since Democrats and Republicans had seemed to have reached a compromise on Sunday. Republicans portrayed it as a bailout for Wall Street, unpopular because they considered financial firms largely at fault for the problem.

Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief, Forbes Magazine:
The panic in the market is being fed by the irresponsible behavior of Congress. If Congress had passed this bill today, no it was not a perfect piece of legislation, but we would have been able to go to the next steps– such as shoring up the dollar, maybe looking at cutting taxes, changing the short-selling rules and things like that. But without this package there, it’s near impossible to turn this thing around.

I’ve been a Finance Manager for the past 3 years and I’ve come across alot of people with bad debt, its just seems to be the unfortunate circumstances these days. Things cost alot and we don’t make enough to afford them…Hold on to your pennies folks! We’re looking at a bumpy road ahead 😦

Thanks for reading and Take Care!

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Slacker Uprising

Micheal Moore, the filmmaker behind Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling For Columbine, Sicko and More…Has Just released his Newest Film, Slacker Uprising.  It will be available for three weeks as a free download to North American residents, beginning Today (September 23rd) Eventually, it will hit DVD. The article I read said that the movie cost 2 million to produce (1 million of which came directly out of Moore’s pocket).

“Slacker Uprising” Synopsis

The film follows Moore’s 62-city tour during the 2004 election to rally young voters.
Moore is quoted as saying “I thought it’d be a nice way to celebrate my 20th year of doing this” he went on to say ”And also help get out the vote for November. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do to help with the election this year.”

His last election year movie was the Bush-critical Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore is hoping that this movie will help encourage young American voters to go to the polls this November….a number that rose 11% during the last election. It’s also worth noting that He and the producer of the film have no interest in recouping the money for this film.

America needs More Micheal Moore’s 😛

Watch the following video’s for more info 🙂

Check it out!: http://slackeruprising.com/ and Don’t forget to visit: http://www.michaelmoore.com/

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Sarah Palin Action Figures…

Sarah Palin action figures are now out in toy stores and online, joining dolls in the likeness of other political Figures like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and John Edwards and More..

For your veiwing Pleasure *snerk*

The schoolgirl version sells for $29.95; the buttoned-up action figure dressed in a business suit is listed at $27.95, and the gun-toting super hero action figure is on sale for $29.95.
HeroBuilders.com sells these Sarah Palin dolls if your intrested, if your not, keep reading 😉 😛

Disclaimer: Rant ahead…

I can’t believe this…Sarah Palin is such a peice of hype! She hasnt done anything notable enough to be a Action Figure, hasnt done anything amazing….(This is Lame)….*grumble* This is exactly what I was talking about in my Sarah Palin Rant Post (click the Link if your Intrested) I can’t believe people actually would buy this…that someone took the time to make one! I get the feeling that someone’s a little to sure that she’s gonna be around awhile…this is sad…were gonna have to listen to all this “futurement of society” “change in the government” “finally a african american president” “things will get better” propaganda, and then guess what, Nothing will change. McCain is going to be the Next American President…were all gonna be so screwed!

McCain will be a war monger like Bush with actual military experience to boot! He’s actually been in War zones and been hurt by them, thus has alot more to go after! I feel like he could have a personal vendetta….Nevermind with a quarter of American oil production now flooded due to Hurricane Ike, The situation in Iraq and the cost of gas already on the rise, gas and every single thing we buy will be more expensive 😦 Minimum wage won’t go up, tax break’s won’t change. I remember 5 years ago paying $1 canadian for a loaf of wonderbread (which if you live in North America you know is nummy bread) and now just today, I paid $3….The Banks wonder why so many people are in debt, why were in a reccession?

And yet money’s being wasted on a war we can’t win and Action Figures that are Pathetic..

/End Rant

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