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Hello Internet…

It’s been awhile, anyone miss me? 😉 I know I have a couple hundred emails awaiting me today (haven’t checked the blogmail in a few weeks lol) mostly queries and comments, but a few people were wondering what happened to me, and I’ll put it all into one word for ya: Job, lol.

On that note…I suppose this is due….

That’s right folks…..

A Boxxy Update:

There are alot of you STILL asking about Boxxy, and I don’t blame you, she’s like a drug, and as of this moment over 1200 people on her twitter are using her 😉 She’s been updating alot lately, pondering whether it was safe to come out yet lol, even begging for followers by saying ‘920, no one loves me’ and that was 2 days ago…I hope she doesn’t, and yet strangely…I do! You guys like reading about her and I like posting about her, its a Win Win 😛 What do you guys think? Comments Below please..

For those that don’t know who Boxxy is, here’s one of her video’s (the one that made her the most famous, 1 million hits in 2 days on youtube) She is what is called a Internet Meme, which is basically just a random video or picture (Like rickrolling if you know what that is :P) that for some reason everyone catches on to and shares with everyone else, usually because its strange or incredible, in this case…well its self explanitory, for More Info click the Boxxy link in my Cloud to the left (its kinda compelling stuff, she was getting stalked! lol) :

And for those you of you that have better things to do than watch a video about a Hyper 16 year old youtube sensation….I have 2 video’s for you 🙂

A teaser trailer of the upcoming Cleavland Show (Which I happily rambled about way back in October!)

It premiers September 27th on Fox ofcourse, Don’t miss it! (Seth McFarlane Ftw)

And…It might seem to soon but here’s a Hilarious Clip from the Brilliant guys @ Mediocre Films (Check em out!)…Micheal Jackson Sock Puppet Theatre:

As a courtesy to those who might be offended, here is the Sidebar from Mediocre Films:

READ ME: Yes, I know it’s “too soon” for jokes about MJ. I was a big MJ fan (especially the Jackson 5), and the media made fun of Michael for years while he was alive, so frankly I’d find it hypocritical to stop spoofing (and therefore celebrating) his truly odd lifestyle now. Besides, we all agree there was no other man in pop music as talented as he was — no one disputes his accomplishments! So sit back and enjoy the oddities that made up his life. And don’t EVER abuse your children. Cuz look what happens when you do.

My favorite comment was from Westerngun: “if you cant make fun of everything, don’t make fun of anything.”

If you’re a subscriber to my channel, I’m glad to have you here. I’m going to keep doing what I think is funny. If you’re leaving, that’s okay too, we just don’t have the same sense of humor. One thing is for sure: There will be more episodes of Celebrity Sock Puppet Theatre, whenever there are interesting tabloid stories about stars.

That’s all for today! Comments Below pretty please 🙂


The Great Muppet Caper

First of all I feel I must start with a Hell Ya! (This news really make’s me giddy.)

Family guy is extending its full-episode “Star Wars” parodies to the third film, “Return of the Jedi.”

The cast completed a read yesterday for the “Jedi” spoof script, which is tentatively titled “Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper” (Ewok jokes never get old).

The popular hit’s spoof of “A New Hope” titled Blue Harvest, was one of the show’s all-time top-rated episodes and producer 20th Century Fox sold the movie as a stand-alone DVD.  *This blogger owns it ofcourse ;)* For a company like Fox, nothing beats having an episode so desirable that they can sell it solo, as it were, without needing to include the rest of the season.

The show’s previously announced parody of “The Empire Strikes Back” is titled “Something-Something-Something Dark Side.” Unfortunately, Fox won’t air “Dark Side” until the fall. But with Carrie Fisher playing a recurring role on “Family Guy” as Peter Griffin’s boss, there’s some hope around the show’s campfire that she’ll do a voiceover in the “Empire” spoof (not as Princess Leia, since Lois plays Leia, but as another character…)

Anyone else excited?

Comments below please 😀

Family Guy Vol. 6, You KNOW you want it!
October 29, 2008, 4:28 pm
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If you don’t already know Volume 6 of Family Guy is now out on the shelves (For no more then $30 I might add) and I couldn’t be happier, this includes one of the most epic Family Guy Episodes, the 100th two part episode “Stewie kills Lois” and “Lois kills Stewie”…See Spiffy Picture Below 😉  As well as the very Hilarious “Meet the Quagmire’s” Episode where we get to see what Family Guy would be like with a small twist back in the 80’s.

From the Studio (Just cause they say it best):

This three-disc collection features Family Guy’s 100th episode and 12 edgy episodes from Seasons 5 and 6 (2007-8) of the animated hit. Catch the Griffin clan’s ridiculously hilarious antics, such as Stewie’s (voice of Seth MacFarlane) not-so-successful attempt to kill Lois (Alex Borstein); Brian’s (MacFarlane) discovery that he is a father; and patriarch Peter’s (MacFarlane again) frequent visits to the Drunken Clam. Guest appearances in the Vol. 6 include Drew Barrymore, Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Carolla, Willem Dafoe, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul. The set is bursting with unaired bonus features to appease any diehard fan, including more than 50 deleted scenes, MacFarlane commentaries, featurettes, optional censored audio tracks on every episode, and more.


With every new Family Guy release comes exclusive behind the scene clips and randomness, and this one doesn’t dissapoint! Just look at these exclusive clips that were passed along to me today by John from M80:

100th Episode Exclusive – Gags

100th Episode Exclusive – Writing

100th Episode Exclusive – Voices

Hope you guys enjoyed that, I highly  encourage you to go out and get these DVD’s, Lets Spread the Family Guy Love my Friends!

Peace 😉