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Why Facebook Games aren’t Entirely Lame
September 3, 2009, 10:29 am
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In a recent conversation I was reminded of the stigma that Facebook games get. I understand this perspective because I once felt the same way.

They look like fluffy lame little games that only children play. Games like Pet Society where you take care of your little pet and visit it’s little friends. Or Farmville where you plant crops, decorate your little plot of land and harvest it for Mula.

A few of my closer friends got me into these games and its opened my eyes, because the thing about Facebook games is…

A) It’s accessible from anywhere, at anytime, as long as your on a computer.

B) It’s Socialable. When you have friends that play these games it becomes something you do with them, something to enjoy together that isn’t complicated or requires loads of cash.


C) It can be causual, or a competition. These games can be quite detailed and competitive, if you get into it. It takes a load of effort to get any game on Facebook anywhere close to high ranked etc. Whether its a Playfish game or the version of Bejeweled.  But, if you just want something random to do, thats what it can be. My friends daughter plays Pet Society and so does she. It can be fun for everyone…

There are plenty of people that feel the same way about Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, which basically provide the same flavour of gaming. And yet, I know plenty of experienced talented gamers that enjoy one or all of those. Hell, I’m one of them.

So before you go sluffing off something you’ve never played, remember, appearances can be decieving, and while its not on the “elite” or “hardcore” side of gaming. It can be enjoyable if you let it 🙂

Happy Gaming, Whether its on Facebook, Wii or Beyond 😉