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A Sarah Palin Rant..

I was avoiding this…For awhile I was following the American Election…I am Canadian but I know how much American Politics affect Canada (nvm the rest of the world) but I really didn’t want to pay attention after I was annoyed by it….I had hoped for HIlary Clinton (and yet most definatly I am still ok w/Barack Obama as he’s not a George Bush Clone) to remain on the ticket but alas its not her time (She has quite a few good idea’s that would make things better for everyone)…I figured it was because America wasn’t ready for a women..maybe a African American Man but not a Women but then John McCain pulled a wildcard…Sarah Palin…Who so happens to be a very intense women. She’s a strong political crusading christian, anti-abortionist (even in cases of rape and insest) and a Oil drilling in Alaska supporter..I could go on…either way..John McCain sure picked a good strategy, get the Hilary supporters! *rolls eyes*

This first Video is her saying that the war in Iraq is God’s Plan….

Matt Damon’s Opinion (Cant believe I’m using his opinion but he’s got a very good point…No one wants President Palin…)

Best for Last, BamBamKaboosh#3 – Sarah Palin Song! (I Picked a Girl!)

The saddest part of all, all this hype and attention that is being generated is what’s getting Sarah Palin’s name out there…its what might help McCain win most of all…

(^%$ &$ # @^&*#!) *ahem*

If any American’s are reading this…Please, for love of whatever you hold dearest, don’t vote for McCain!

Vote Obama! Please! 😉

Peace 🙂 (At atleast lets hope it stays that way)

(Anyone think the CIA or someone might come after me for this? lol 😉 )


Bam Bam Kaboosh!
August 27, 2008, 11:32 pm
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As I mentioned in the Youtube Celebrities Post, Shaycarl and Phillip Defranco have teamed up to make video’s under the youtube channel Bam Bam Kaboosh! They added their second video yesterday (And it already has over 90.000 veiws). Its more entertaining then funny (As Phil put it) got a bit of a scary movie feel but still funny all the same. You can tell they had fun with it. Nadine, ItsBrent, Charlestrippy and Davedays are also in there looks to be footage from the last gathering 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

I recommend Visiting the Bam Bam Kaboosh Channel  and subscribing, I get a feeling their future video’s will be hightly amusing and most definatly unique. (They also are already the #1 Subscribed this Month and more) I for one can’t wait to see more 🙂 Even tho I kinda wish they didnt choose the theme song bumper thing they did..kinda annoying to be honest…Still brilliant tho 😉

Peace 😉