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How to (un)hide your friends list with the new Facebook
March 19, 2014, 8:10 pm
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By default, everyone can see who your friends are in the Friends section of your Facebook timeline. If you’re like me, this is annoying and hard to find if you don’t keep up with all the Facebook changes, I spent 20 minutes trying to find the answer so I thought I would do the world a favor and share it: In the end mine was already what I wanted but when I felt the need to check and couldn’t, it became a mission!

 To change this setting:

1. Go to your timeline
2. Click on the Friends unit (under your cover photo)
3. Click the Edit button at the top of the page (tiny pencil) and use the audience selector to choose who can see your friend list on your timeline

Remember mutual friends will still be visible to those that are mutual but now your good to go 😉

You’re welcome!


It’s about Heart!
August 14, 2013, 8:22 am
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If you ask me, Big and beautiful should be positive words, you are who you are, and theres nothing wrong with that, skinny pretty girls are great and all but not every guy wants just that, some guys want a real women with a real heart.. not that skinny girls aren’t real or great just that big girls aren’t any different, just our equipment, which is also preferred sometimes (baby got back was a hit after all) just remember no matter what you look like or where you come from it’s your heart that counts the most.

Jen’s Super Duper Awesome Guide to Watching TV and Movies Online!
March 16, 2010, 11:33 am
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Hello All!
As of late I’ve had a lot of people asking me for site’s/advice on where I go to stream tv shows etc.. so I figured I’d write up a little blog about what I do etc and save myself (and my fingers) from answering the same question over and over 😉 Heck, I probally should have done this ages ago..
There are several choices if you live in North America, and a bit fewer if you don’t, but choices none the less 🙂
Just a disclaimer: I suggest making sure your pop up blocker and Virus protection are on when watching/browsing online video. While my methods rarely get me a virus, it can happen, especially to those that don’t recognize the signs.. (Loads of Ad’s, having to do a survey or quiz etc are hints, if you come across this its better to give up on that link and move on

For TV Shows Canadian’s have the option of going to the CTV, Global and the Comedy Network website’s, which are all hosting shows like Lost, Big Bang Theory, 24, House, Survivor, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park etc..pretty much anything and everything they air on TV.. and are up within a day or less of it airing. Most recent will be on the Featured page but browse the Library for more 🙂
Global – http://www.globaltv.com/
Comedy Network – http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/
Just a reminder, Only Canadian’s can view the above site’s.. Just as we can’t view Hulu, NBC or even BBC IPlayer.. You can’t view ours either..  the US/UK Networks host their shows online as well but due to region lock out I don’t bother with them, but anyone in the States/UK can do a quick Google search and find them easily…
Now for your less proper, region free and illegal-ish (its a gray area) way of doing things..
Gateway site’s like Surfthechannel provide links to video streams on other hosts like Megavideo, Wisevid etc. Sometimes it will take a bit of trial and error to find a link that your happy with but most of the time the good ones are those hosted by Megavideo (which unfortunately has a 1 hour viewing cap and an hour wait time, which can be annoying but is guaranteed virus free and loads quickly) Wisevid, Zhare, Loomdo, Videoweed, fastpasstv.com and Sometimes DivX are good as well but usually do need a 5-10 minute loading head start.. (Divx can be slower loading cause its usually HQ) There are a few Chinese hosts like Tuduo and Youku that do alright (especially if its 2am) but are very slow loading most of the time..
Sidereelhttp://www.sidereel.com/ My personal favorite at the moment, mostly due that it has a general viewing calender of shows on for the week and if you make an account, you get your own customizable timetable of the shows you like.. Here’s mine – http://www.sidereel.com/_user/Zenobie if your interested (Be kind)
SurftheChannelhttp://www.surfthechannel.com/ Kinda Ad spammy but nothing serious, has served me well many times over in the past.. Tends to focus on Megavideo links..
Project Free TVhttp://www.free-tv-video-online.info/
Been around a long time, doesn’t always have links to full seasons etc.. Still worth a try..
Watch Movies http://www.movies-links.tv/ ~ Movies Only
Great site, It’s the one I use most of the time for Movies, has a good interface where user’s vote on the quality of the links so other user’s know which are good.. very user friendly.
Movie2khttp://www.movie2k.com ~ Movies Only
Good alternative to Watch Movies, I use it when I’m not happy with what I’m finding elsewhere..
Let Me Watch Thishttp://www.letmewatchthis.com/?sort=featured
Used it a few times and haven’t been disappointed..
Well I hope that was helpful and easy to understand 😛 If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below.. (I Like comments, they make me giddy :P)
If there’s a show your having trouble finding on your own let me know and I might be able to help you out 🙂
Happy Watching! xx

I Wanna Work for Facebook!
November 1, 2009, 8:38 am
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Hi, Jen. Facebook is hiring.

We’re a cutting-edge technology company, constantly taking on new challenges in the worlds of milliseconds and terabytes. We need help from people who like to move fast, tackle the big stuff, and have an immediate impact. Sound like you?

(Doesn’t that message just make you think Facebook is really cool? Even just a little? :P)

I was wandering about the Facebook Careers page today after looking for their suggestion box, I had come up with this brilliant idea and I wanted them to know about it! (I was reading my feed and saw that a friend of mine had joined a group called “Facebook needs a dislike button” and then thought to myself that the dislike button should really be a Fail Button, cause its just cooler lingo ;))

I got excited as I looked around cause not only was I greeted with the “cutting-edge technology company” ‘s amusing message, but to my delight there was alot of department job openings and bits everywhere about how great working for Facebook really is. Their perks and benefits page is incredible, everything from 100% coverage of employee benefit premiums (50% for dependents) which includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage btw. Free Meals from a full Menu Daily, a full Laundry Service that drops your stuff back to you at your desk at the end of the day! 21 Paid Vacation Days, unlimited Sick Days, and even a decent sounding 401(k) Plan.

So not only does working for Facebook mean that you are part of something huge, innovative and cutting edge, your also really well taken care of while you do it! It really sounds like getting a job at Facebook would be fantastic! I know I’d love it, but Sadly for me, they require degrees (as they should) and all I have is Life, Job and Internet Geek Experience.

Psst Facebook, On the random, never-gonna-happen chance that someone from your company will ever read this blog post, I’m a quick learner and I have a lot of idea’s! (For an Example, See Above 😉 ) And I’ve been an Avid Facebook User for over 2 years 😛 )

Basically my point here is, Good on you Facebook, Hopefully one day in the Future (When the Economy Magically gets better) more companies (more everyday companies that is) will be able to provide their employee’s with the positive, striving, and comfortable atmosphere that you provide. Til then, the rest of us can dream right? 😉

Here’s a video that gives you a really great idea about what its like to work at Facebook

Prime Time Hack: The Birth of Facebook Video

Thanks for reading! Comments below please!

October 5, 2009, 9:31 am
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Hello Internet 🙂

It’s been awhile since my last post so I figured I had to make this a good one 😉

Warning: l understand this Post might be a bit odd if you aren’t a Youtube watcher, But even so, I hope you enjoy it and maybe give it a chance and check out Shaycarl 🙂

For the past year and a bit I have been a fan of ShayCarl, first noticing him in Olgakay’s (Who I happen to know and adore) “Not everyone get’s Naked the same way” Video which was made during the Toronto Canada Youtube gathering in August 2008…. Check it out Below

Shay is a very unique Youtuber (Regular Youtube Poster)  He’s random, outspoken and funny and has an adorable family of three kids with his wife Kaitilette. Most commendable is that he isn’t afraid to be on camera despite his weight, he does mention it here and there but generally you can see that he is very comfortable in his skin. He has dedicated his time (and his family’s) to the daily Vlogs (Video Logs) hes been doing since his Birthday this year. For 213 days (as of this post, he plans to go for a whole year) the Internet has seen Shay live his life with his family, Moving from their home in Idaho to Venice Beach, Los Angeles to be closer to Shay’s new job/project The Station.  Which in itself is a phenomenon as it is the first collaborative comedy sketch channel to come up on YouTube containing some of its most famous celebrities like LisaNova, DaveDays, Shaycarl, Philip Defranco, KassemG, Shane Dawson, and more. This post is about Shay tho so I’ll move on. If you like random silly sometimes crude comedy tho you should go check out The Station  (There’s also one of their Video’s Below)

Shay, Katielette and their kids, whose names we barely hear for their privacy (they go by BabyTard, their youngest daughter who turned 2 this year, PrincessTard, their middle child, and SonTard, who is the oldest at I think 7-9 years old) are probably the sweetest family I’ve ever seen. If you wondering about the Tard part of things it comes from Shaytard, because Shay once wore a red Unitard for a Superbowl Sketch for his Main channel, After that the name just stuck.

I feel its been a privilege to be able to have a peek at someone’s life the way Shay share’s his with his audience. We’ve seen Days at the Beach, Birthday’s and Surprise parties, Behind the scene’s of The Station, Bbq’s with friends, Tire swing hunting, Baby tickling and loads more random family moments that I know personally most families don’t get to enjoy. So many homes are different or broken these days and its really great to see a family, happy and loving and real.

Their efforts don’t go unrewarded either as Shay has for a long while now been a YouTube Partner, earning money through Google adsense for his video views. I say this proudly not disparagingly because only handfuls of people are able to actually make a supportable living off of YouTube and I feel that they greatly deserve it. Since I first started watching Shay his daily veiws have more then tripled, obviously the Internet Loves Shay, and he loves them back. It takes alot of energy and dedication to wake up everyday, film your life, edit/render/upload it for a 3-5 hours (if your lucky) and do all the work that follows. I just hope that Shay knows his efforts aren’t unappreciated. While I haven’t been able to watch every day I have seen at least 80% and have shared quite a few of the video’s with friends who enjoyed them as well.

For me, It’s been something random for me to watch and enjoy. (Afterall, my Blog is called Pursuing Randomness) Not every video is fantastic, or long (except he once made a video 23 minutes long just to make a point 😛 ) but for the most part, its all been brilliant and worth my time and I really hope to see Shay go places with his career.

If you feel at all intrigued by any of this, please go check out Shay’s channels (Links Below) and show him some love.

Disclamer: I don’t know Shay personally aside from watching his video’s and some random chatting on blogtv/twitter. I’m supporting him as a fan in this post and nothing more. I Link the following video’s with Love, no infringement intended.

Now for the fun part, Some Video’s 😀

OlgaKay’s ~ Not Everyone gets naked the same Way: (First Video I saw Shay in)

The Station ~ Spider Problem (Shay and his Wife are both in this one) :

ShayCarl’s First Vlog on his 29th Birthday:

Hope You guys enjoyed some of that at least 😀 Comments below are appreciated, you even get a free cookie 😉

Why Facebook Games aren’t Entirely Lame
September 3, 2009, 10:29 am
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In a recent conversation I was reminded of the stigma that Facebook games get. I understand this perspective because I once felt the same way.

They look like fluffy lame little games that only children play. Games like Pet Society where you take care of your little pet and visit it’s little friends. Or Farmville where you plant crops, decorate your little plot of land and harvest it for Mula.

A few of my closer friends got me into these games and its opened my eyes, because the thing about Facebook games is…

A) It’s accessible from anywhere, at anytime, as long as your on a computer.

B) It’s Socialable. When you have friends that play these games it becomes something you do with them, something to enjoy together that isn’t complicated or requires loads of cash.


C) It can be causual, or a competition. These games can be quite detailed and competitive, if you get into it. It takes a load of effort to get any game on Facebook anywhere close to high ranked etc. Whether its a Playfish game or the version of Bejeweled.  But, if you just want something random to do, thats what it can be. My friends daughter plays Pet Society and so does she. It can be fun for everyone…

There are plenty of people that feel the same way about Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, which basically provide the same flavour of gaming. And yet, I know plenty of experienced talented gamers that enjoy one or all of those. Hell, I’m one of them.

So before you go sluffing off something you’ve never played, remember, appearances can be decieving, and while its not on the “elite” or “hardcore” side of gaming. It can be enjoyable if you let it 🙂

Happy Gaming, Whether its on Facebook, Wii or Beyond 😉

Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy!

As a avid Family Guy Fan and huge supporter of Seth MacFarlane, I am greatly excited about his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy being released on DVD May 12th 😀 The animated shorts are random clips that he’s been posting on Youtube for about the last year now. All Brilliant and Racey in true MacFarlane’s style 😛 And Now with the DVD release they will be Uncensored 😀

Check out this uncensored re-release of Mario rescues the Princess:

Just thought I’d share 😀

(Needed a good excuse to post again since its been so damn long 😛 Life + Job = No Blog posts)

Peace 😉