~*Pursuing Randomness*~

Randomness is?

This blog is all about the Pursuit of Randomness!

Random Posts (aka Ramble’s) Video’s, Links, Pictures, People, Places, News stories…Whatever Randomly comes my way! Stay Tuned 😉 (and please comment ♥) Anything and Everything that I deem intresting (or is requested 😉 )

October 4, 2008

Hope you all are enjoying the Election Related Randomness 😉 Send me comments if you’d like to see other stuff, there’s nothing I won’t research or try to find 😉

Peace ❤ 😉

August 12, 2008
Thanks to all the People who have responded positively to my posts about the ACDC Crew/MMCru Dance Battle, I’ll be doing my best to follow the ACDC Crew as they continue doing something wonderful and worthwhile. (Go to invisiblechildren.com) I was very happy to have people email me thanking me for posting the video’s (Easy to find on youtube but I appreciate that you all appreciate)
Peace and Take Care 🙂


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Ice cream has no bones. Damn! I’m covered in grass.
Is that a cat?

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