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February 27, 2009, 9:03 am
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I would definatly work for Lego if ever offered just for this very reason, Little Minifigs! For someone that works at Lego this has got to be the best business card I’ve ever seen! (It also happens to be an iconic toy)

They even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, and glasses) to the person for which it belongs. This could even be the beginning of  a new sales pitch if they wanted, I mean who doesnt want a little Miniture Lego Me. I know I do!

Just a bit of randomness I found today 🙂


OctoMom Lied to get Fame!
February 24, 2009, 3:53 pm
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I wasnt gonna talk about this cause of how ridicilous it is for that women to now have 14 children but now that I heard she lied about it….

RadarOnline.com Exclusive

Octo-Mom Lied About Pregnancy: “I Have A Tumor” : Video Showdown With Her Mom – Part 2As Nadya Suleman’s stomach grew larger and larger her mother became concerned that she had undergone another in vitro procedure. But when Angela Suleman confronted her daughter, Nadya lied, denying she was pregnant, and said: “I have a tumor.”That’s one of the amazing revelations from RadarOnline.com’s world exclusive interview with Octo-mom and her mother, an unforgettable showdown on video.Nadya refuses to back down in the face of her mother’s – and the public’s – growing criticism and angrily snaps: “I don’t apologize for having all my children and I never would.”Asked how she plans to provide for her children, Octo-mom talks about writing a book, causing her mother to ask incredulously, “How are you going to find time to write? You’re going to have 14 children. Think about it.”

But Nadya is defiant in the face of the public’s negative reaction to her and says: “People can’t comprehend why I’m not worried.”

Mother and daughter argue intensely in this RadarOnline.com world exclusive, as Nadya is forced to answer the questions that everyone is asking.

I honestly can’t believe this women would lie about her 8 children like that! She knew it was wrong from the start and now she doesnt even have a realistic veiw of her situation,  even her mother thinks she’s gone to far…She knew that the Media love’s big family crazy stories and her’s is tops, now she’s getting exclusive video’s and most likely paying for her Children that way…

What do you guys think?? Comments below please!

Youtube Symphony Orchestra?!
February 21, 2009, 6:36 am
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It’s brilliant, its musical, its the largest and first online collabritive orchestra! User’s entered by submitting a video performance of a new piece written for the occasion by the renowned Chinese composer Tan Dun.
Unfortunatly I’m apparently slow and there is only one day left of voting, but you can still go here and vote for who you think should be part of youtube and internet history. The winners will all be flown to New York to preform at Carnagie Hall in April.

Go Vote, there are some very amazing talents out there!


Unix will End the World?
February 9, 2009, 8:23 pm
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I love these stories/websites that come out predicting certain doom for the world, They really just make me laugh. Apparently on Friday the 13th Unix’s clock is going to read 1234567890 and will ofcourse encourage the end of the world. I Want to discredit this but the Blog is by someone whose posts generally are pretty Intresting. The Gadget Blog. Check it out 🙂

From the UNIX Time Post:

To see when this takes place in your time zone, run this little Perl script, which I promise won’t end the world before next Friday:

perl -e ‘print scalar localtime(1234567890),”\n”;’

Shit just got real, folks. Say good-bye to loved ones. Make sure you start with your Windows machines, because UNIX is probably going to take them out first. Part of an agreement with Linux and Linus Torvalds, I’ve heard.

Intense? Stupid, Funny? Comments below please 😀

x Peace x

Boxxy Disclaimer
February 8, 2009, 1:07 am
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I Can’t believe I find myself writing this post…

Since that fateful day when I decided that Boxxy was intresting/amusing enough for me to ramble about on my blog, I have recieved many emails and comments, Quite a few were kind, thanking me for my efforts etc but a few were well, Amusing/Annoying…

So I’ve decided a little Q and A is in order..(Typo’s and all)

Q: “Your boxxy arent you, can i have ur #?”

A: No I’m not, I’m just a blogger that happened to post something that soon after became Viral.

Q: That twitter is a fake, you know. Don’t believe trolls.

A: Yes Im aware this is a possibility, but it happens to be the only website  (besides the video’s themselves) that seem to be the real boxxy…if the trolls are still trying to hack her account etc…they really need something better to do.

Q: Please, that titter isn’t even hers. Its most likely your account, you made to get traffic to your little gay-blog.

***face is a ***face.

A: Btw…This particular question is the reason for this post.

*Warning: Heavy Sarcasm*

Yep your right, I have nothing better to do then make a fake twitter to increase my Blog veiws…(Considering I work 50-60 hrs a week)
Gee this whole time when I’ve had average – moderate veiws, this was the answer to my success?  I should have thought of that 7 months ago!! 
P.S Thanks for the immature language, its appreciated.

Q: Can you give me her real name/gaia name/any personal info?

A: What I do know that hasn’t been published, wont be. I don’t believe in sharing another person’s information, as well as furthering this insane situation. It got way out of hand, and sharing the handful of things I do know will only lead to more crazyness.

So there you have it folks. I am not Boxxy, I am not one of the Hackers, I am not someone who took advantage of the situation (well a little 😛 I kept talking about it because so many of you were intrested in the content, but originally it was just because of how random/insane Boxxy’s video’s are) and most of all I’m not a Rat. There were many other comments/emails of this nature but these were the ones that annoyed/amused me the most 😉

Thanks to all the kind people out there who have appreciated my efforts, and to those that have decided to subscribe to my Rss feed. I write these posts to share with the world as well as for myself and its nice to know its appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Please continue to look out for exciting new random posts in the future!

Elevator: Youtube Gold
February 6, 2009, 12:10 pm
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Recently I’ve come across a channel on Youtube that just cracks me up, The Elevator Show

It truly is pure gold, they just provide such random video’s that can only be summed up perfectly by its channel description:

Ahhh, the elevator, a place to spend ninety seconds standing uncomfortably close to whoever enters the car. Watch as these office workers deal with people and situations that will make you take the stairs forever. Experience the series that begs the question, “Where do you get off?”

Follow the adventures of Harold, Chris, Intern Jane, Jacob, Alicia, Paul, Sharon, Mr. Grant, Lily, Death, the pirates, the ninjas, and one very sensitive serial killer. Get some canned goods and prepare to rock!

I highly recommend this channel if your bored and want a bit of randomness to brighten your day 😉

Peace 😉 Xo

Random note: I haven’t posted in awhile due to relocating, for those that were wondering..

*Thanks to Aeria and Jacoz for the nice enquiring emails :)*