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Boxxy Isn’t Dead…

Ok folks, Calm Down, It isn’t true. Boxxy isn’t dead.

Boxxy dead

Fake News Article Image posted on Encyclopedia dramatica – Notice the typo’s and the lack of web address etc?

I received many email’s asking about this and Despite what this Image is showing, Boxxy is in fact, still Alive, I can say confidently right now that I know she isn’t dead for many reasons.

I mean its not like I can go over to her house and check or anything but I gaurantee you all, If anything real had happened to Boxxy or Catherine Gomez (some people think this is her real name) then every news outlet in America would have atleast one segment about it. The amount of attention her video’s have had would deem it worth their time to report if anything had happened.

News of her death would spread faster then her video’s did. Never mind the fact that her friends in real life that she had most likely would have made it known if she had died (Via Facebook, Come on, If you found out your friend was famous on You tube, you’d talk about it) I also want to point out that the fake article was posted last week just as Boxxy was getting famous. I do believe tho that she is being harrased immensly, her twitter says there’s a red malibu outside her house that won’t leave. She’s been hacked on almost every public website and is apparently being stalked.

Truly folks, what is the Internet’s pettyness coming to? A 16 year old girl, who admittingly is cute but can barely speak an entire sentence without going “um” started a full out Internet Forum war, a viral video uproar and has become one of the most talked/searched about topic in age’s..Yay for Meme’s 😛

Take Care Kitties, and remember, Don’t believe everything you hear!

Peace! 😉


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Um…if you found this image on ED, you should have also found a better explanation as to why it’s fake rather than “OMG CUZ IF SEH WUZ DEDA UD LIEK B DA FURZT 2 NOE”

Comment by myanus

First of all, Why would I need to explain why it’s fake? I mentioned why it obviously is…

Secondly, I don’t speak like that, and yea, if anything REAL had happened, I would be able to know cause it would be all over the news but instead its been back and forth heresay and obviously not real, Due to No official announcements. Like I said, The News would have covered it because of all the publicity….

Don’t be a jerk just because you can’t read things properly please…

Comment by pursuingrandomness

I asked a friend of hers on MySpace (found it with some Googling). She’s not dead – for sure. 🙂

And if you check comments on any Boxxy-related video, people post her ACTUALY name, phone number, adress, DoB etc. Assholes.

GL Boxxy. 😦

Comment by Dave

Yes! I posted those images. Good to see it got somewhere on the web. I’ve been monitoring her status over the past 6 days, she hasn’t been online in quite a while. But then again- she probably has a social life to attend to.

Comment by Dsmano

boxxy is the love of my lifee<3

Comment by Julio

If any of you were to watch G4 then it would be there, they cover viral shit, and as far as her personal info goes, any posts revealing personal info without someone wanting them to, would most likely be removed.

Comment by Hm..

Hmm well an easy way how to make sure the picture is ‘shopped is just by googling “Internet celebrity found dead in roseville home” 0 accurate hits.

Comment by jobb

I tried that too, its not hard to do the research 🙂

Comment by pursuingrandomness

she can’t post video’s anymore T.T

Comment by Morgan

hand over the twitter, rawr!

Comment by c

Well what if she really is dead. Youtube would not let that spread through the media. Imagine how many youtube accounts would close after something like that!! Can you imagine how many parents would force their kids to close their acounts!!! That would be bad for youtube. What if it did happen and youtube is doing something to keep it on the down low?

Comment by Yani

too bad

Comment by anon

[…] shes not dead, LOL i dont know why everyone thinks shes dead! lol, THREAD CLOSED @ Boxxy Isn’t Dead… ~*Pursuing Randomness*~ __________________ YouTube – MY FAVORITE SONG/GIRL YouTube – Boxxy 300 Remix PASSES TO MY […]

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Comment by Alexwebmaster

Why worry? She’s better off dead!

Comment by BoxxySucks

why would she be better off dead? i hope this isn’t true, she doesn’t deserve this. this just proves how cruel peple can be, and how much people will do to get their way. if you don’t like her videos don’t watch them.

Comment by Kamahl1234

does anyone have her email or is she now afraid of the internet?
i want one picture of her with somthing like ‘hi lee’ and with the date one it, not shooped because i can do that..
otherwise im going to have to waste time on researching her to find out where she lives and show up with flowers or somthing stupid like that..
just for reference i am 15..

Comment by Lee

rofl @ last comment XDDDD. i found out about all this boxxyness only about a month ago and damn, i wish all these losers didnt destroy her!! haha i would have loved to see more vids!! she has so much spirit and is probly the cutest most pure of heart seeming girl ive ever seen on the net ❤ just for reference i am not 15. lmao forev @ that1.

Comment by ikk

yes but if she dont dead why she dont uploade one video???????????????????????????????????????????

Comment by BAUKR

Boxxy wasnt harassed just because of her videos, the haters actually did the average boxxy lover said, which was to just stop watching her videos. But they couldnt get away, sites like 4chan were flooded with threads about boxxy, soon you couldnt go on the interenet without seeing boxxy.
Now if she made a new video, the boxxy flooding would be twice as bad (or good imo ^_^) because more people found out about her since she left.

Comment by HeliX

comment on baukr@mail.ru

Comment by BAUKR

Boxxy may be dead , but Katherine isnt

Comment by ooooooooooooooo

If I knew her in real life, i’d come up to her door and say “hey baby, can I treat you like a princess for a day?” i’d spend all my money on her. my type of girl. no shes not dead, but 4chan keeps fuckin around with her. pimpely dicked fuckheads! Jon + boxxy = Luvvvvv 😀

Comment by No.

i found out of all this about boxxy just today and ive been researching all day. and i am getting wuite tired of researching but i have to because its like ive gotten obsessed by her. shes so cute i cant believe it. and i havent goten any further since i started researching today i actually havent learned anything.
if anyone knows anything please contact me on my mail

my mail is: andersendigital@gmail.com

Comment by DataPiraten

PLIZZ Say me That This Beautiful Girl Don’t Dead…
I So LOVE YOU BOXXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give me a havdens That Se Is Alive!!!!

Comment by senia kalma

Fuck Boxxy haters! Boxxy is soo funny! The hypo part about her is so cute it makes me smile ❤ why do people have to be such ass fuckers?

Comment by DimitriC

She’s hot i would do her time and time again up and down the block , but her videos suck

Comment by Ben walker

I know this is a bit late, but Boxxy is awesome. I just don’t get why people are ‘hating’ on her. I mean look at Fred. Talentless, REALLY annoying, and stupid as fuck. People let him go by on the internet like nothing, but when a really beautiful women does something like Fred without the annoying and talentless parts, people freak out and try to get her down. It is complete bull shit. Boxxy reminds me of my girlfriend, and that is why I watch Boxxy. I can’t always see her because of where I live, but I do see her. Boxxy just helps me because she is cute, funny, and a cure for my insanity. I would love to see her or even talk to her. Myspace would be my only to talk to anyone that wants to talk.

Comment by Ryuu Takamine

i bet ppl like boxxy get lots of presents all the time from ppl she doesnt know……



Comment by crim

im still not sure if shes dead or alive, and me and my friend emma have been researching this all nite and we would be SO sad if its true. We saw a comment on youtube that said she was involved in the FBI and everything was a disguise to try to get this bad dude caught…PLZ tell me if its true

Comment by Sawah

her videos are fail, earn your gifts lol

Comment by Josh

I dont understand the purpose of alot of her videos but she is cute

Comment by Iron Man

Oh god thanks I was almost doing a hero

Comment by Pene

Boxxy can’t be dead….she’s too young, too cute, and way too great to be dead…

like the ones above me, i’ve been searching for info about her being dead and it all seems fake.
hope it is though.

I love Boxxy so much, even though there’s been only a day since I knew of her existance…

Comment by zephyros

You can call me a fag but I cried when i saw the article saying that she was dead….
I’m so much better now 😀

Boxxy is our Queen!!!!

Comment by Boxxylover

cute but ya her videos are a bit lame

Comment by watch cartoons

WHEN she ISN’T DEAD, Where she is? Why she can’t say. ” Heeey! Guys! Im Alive! Don’t Care!”

Comment by Alin

Boxxy’s facebook 😀

“My name is Catherin,or others know me as Boxxy.I am in High School and I love band and art.I can kind of play guitar,but not very good.I am emo without the bitching and cutting and stuff like that.If you want to know more bout me just message me or something.”

Comment by jessi

Boxxy is dead but catherine gomez sure as hell is not dead you guys be trolling

Comment by Boxxy

i guess she had her 15mins of fame, not much talk of her now

Comment by Tron

I honestly kinda believed it when I first saw it. But I read it again and noticed what you pointed out and figured it was probably fake. Boxxy is awesome, and I hope that she makes new accounts/gets her old ones back and starts making videos again. The only thing that I don’t get is there are HUNDREDS of other Boxxy videos posted by other Boxxy fans, and nobody’s been pissed at them. In my oppinion, I think she was just hacked because people were jealous. I mean, she has 14 MILLION views. And granted the people that hacked her probably didn’t like her, but hacking somebody just because you hate their videos? Come on now. Get a life, okay? Just leave the person who posted the video you didn’t like alone and there wouldn’t be controvercy (I think I didn’t spell that right and my phone doesn’t have spell check :<) like this. Just stop watching the person's videos! It's that simple people, it really is.

Comment by nick

i guess she had her 15mins of fame, not much talk of her now

Comment by Discount Tory Sale

hey people i fallen in love with boxxy the real one (vampire staff etc) ❤

Comment by jimbfmv

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Comment by Shane Mattern

The thing is that Anonymous don’t take stuff down without a reason :S

Comment by Alex

You misspelled ‘typos’.

Comment by fitt

Ironic isn’t it 😉

Comment by pursuingrandomness

updated 2009…..she put up a video this march

Comment by LetaPlay

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