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3rd Obama Child on the way?
January 29, 2009, 8:35 am
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This morning I was listening to my favorite Vancouver radio station (shh they deserve the plug :P) and I heard that the Pitter patter of another child’s feet might be heard in the White House soon:

From PerezHilton.com:

This is completely unconfirmed and at this point just a “rumor” but….

We’re hearing the talk in D.C. is that Michelle Obama is pregnant.

Could this be true?????

It’d be happy news!

Hopefully it’s a boy

I think It would be fantastic! What a perfect way to add to the whole “family man” image.  I think the Obama’s are on top of the world right now and if this is true, I think that it would just be the cherry on top of the cake 🙂

Wishing them all the best either way 🙂

What do you guys think? Comments below please! ❤


Boxxy forced to Move?
January 29, 2009, 8:09 am
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For all you Boxxy Fan’s out there:


Yep, Apparently she’s had to move to an undisclosed location (TBH, I’m a little surprised she can spell undisclosed lol I kid, I kid)

Poor Little Boxxy, Got more fame then she could handle..

I still think that it’s insane how far things have gone with all this. I mean the girl just wanted to put up a shout out video, I’m sure she didn’t expect any of this to happen to her and now she’s apparantly being forced to move in order to regain her privacy.

Between her reputation on 4chan /b/ etc and SxePhil putting her in one of his video’s it really got the ball rolling for the situation as it is now. I found her through SxePhil and so did alot of other’s but atleast 75% of her veiws have to do with Gaia/4Chan and people randomlly sharing her video because of just how crazy it is. So for all those out there that think Phil was her bid for fame, your wrong. There’s a reason why her video’s were so noticed. (See earlier posts) Between her very unique speaking style, randomness and well to be frank “cuteness” that some people see, she’s a Youtube sensation. No other random shoutout video has ever gotten this much attention in so little time, and probally won’t again for a long time.

I actually kinda feel sorry for her. But you know what? You get what you give 🙂

Peace 😀

Boxxy Isn’t Dead…

Ok folks, Calm Down, It isn’t true. Boxxy isn’t dead.

Boxxy dead

Fake News Article Image posted on Encyclopedia dramatica – Notice the typo’s and the lack of web address etc?

I received many email’s asking about this and Despite what this Image is showing, Boxxy is in fact, still Alive, I can say confidently right now that I know she isn’t dead for many reasons.

I mean its not like I can go over to her house and check or anything but I gaurantee you all, If anything real had happened to Boxxy or Catherine Gomez (some people think this is her real name) then every news outlet in America would have atleast one segment about it. The amount of attention her video’s have had would deem it worth their time to report if anything had happened.

News of her death would spread faster then her video’s did. Never mind the fact that her friends in real life that she had most likely would have made it known if she had died (Via Facebook, Come on, If you found out your friend was famous on You tube, you’d talk about it) I also want to point out that the fake article was posted last week just as Boxxy was getting famous. I do believe tho that she is being harrased immensly, her twitter says there’s a red malibu outside her house that won’t leave. She’s been hacked on almost every public website and is apparently being stalked.

Truly folks, what is the Internet’s pettyness coming to? A 16 year old girl, who admittingly is cute but can barely speak an entire sentence without going “um” started a full out Internet Forum war, a viral video uproar and has become one of the most talked/searched about topic in age’s..Yay for Meme’s 😛

Take Care Kitties, and remember, Don’t believe everything you hear!

Peace! 😉

Barack Swears in

Obama Inauguration CrowdWhat a day it was yesterday, the sun was shining over head, the birds were singing and over a million people gathered into Washington’s Mall, which incidently, stretches 2 miles from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial on the Potomac River, and along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, to hear and see President Obama place his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible and say the oath of office that was said 43 time’s before him. Onlookers of every type wittnessed History yesterday as the first African American President was sworn in.  This blogger is a very open minded person and doesn’t want to touch onto the “Black President” issue’s, I don’t think it matter’s what color his skin is, he is a qualified and intelligent person who deserves to be where he is.

Some do not think the same as I do tho so I believe the  unprecedented security was well needed. About 8,000 police were deployed and a total of 32,000 military personnel were on duty or on standby. Homeland Security is fully aware of what potential evils lurk for President Obama. Not to be obvious here but Obama has more then just the Charisma to match President Kennedy. He’s taking on a mountain here and is going to be just as contraversial when things start to get going and not everyone ends up happy..Some were calling him a socialist before he was even elected. Mostly those that don’t want the money out there to be distributed more evenly to the people, going against the old “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” adage. All I know is, It’s going to be an intresting next 4 years.

The Internet crashed yesterday because of How many people were trying to get online to watch the Inauguration. Apprantly CNN pre-empted this and was able to stay online because they planned ahead with a waiting room, so yay CNN you get a Cookie ;). The Amount of people that are intrested in this only show’s the enormous weight that President Obama has taken on. In his speech he said “Every so often the oath (of office) is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms”. He know’s what lay’s ahead and he’s still prepared to take it on. So even tho some are nit-picking cause Obama messed up the oath of office at the beginning, I think it just show’s how much this means to him, that he was just excited with realization that everything was happening. He was now taking on probally the most messed up America in History, he’s got a lot to do.

Here’s him swearing the oath for those that didn’t get to see it:

And his Speech:

Peace 🙂

Quick Boxxy Update
January 20, 2009, 9:32 am
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If you missed the chance to see them before Boxxy’s video’s are back up on her youtube account… Her twitter hasnt been updated and I havent gotten any wind of anything new as of yet but I thought for those that didnt get to see her video’s before her account got hacked that you’d like to know that 🙂 I think in an attempt to remedy the situation the hackers have decided to put her video’s back and leave her be, or Boxxy herself has put them back up. There’s been a few more random posted on her account over the past few days, one of a guy named Chad (that was so stereotypical im not even gonna touch it) and another apology/”we didnt go that far” video from CBCR. But ofcourse those have been replaced with Boxxy’s Video’s now.

Peace Kitties! Xo

Now you Can Sing Along with Microsoft!
January 20, 2009, 9:15 am
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Yep, its true, its actually real! Microsoft Reasearch has released a trial version of a program called Songsmith.

From Microsoft’s Website:

Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. Then share your songs with your friends and family, post your songs online, or create your own music videos.

You can download the demo at

But it comes with quite possibly the worst ad campain possible, there really are no words for how terrible this Ad is:

Now you can have a happy home with every word in Rhyme! lol

Hope you all enjoyed that!

Comments below please 🙂 Xo

BoxxyBabee is No more?
January 19, 2009, 12:46 am
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Well folks, It seems that its all over, Boxxybabee is no longer, or atleast according to her twitter..


I find this rather amusing cause just a day ago her twitter warned of a new video soon, and there is, but its apparently not by her:

The info for the video is as follows:

This is an official message to Boxxy and Boxxy-fans everywhere that Boxxy will no longer be making an appearance on the Internet.
Note: We do not want her life ruined. Some people, namely Anonymous, may try to hunt her down in real life in the form of a raid. We do not want this to happen.
That is all.
-CBCR and CBCR Leader, Eyrev

So yea…apparently this CBCR group , which stands for Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction (LMAO) has got into her Youtube account, deleted her other video’s and has put up this new warning video.

This whole thing is hilariously out of control, honestly I think its a stunt but whatever its still funny. Boxxy’s fame has spread around the net, one person showed another and another and eventually now anyone that is a youtube veiwer knows about her.  All started over a online game! I’ve got some experience with game related drama but this take’s the cake.  The lengths some poeple will go!

Albeit Amusing and Strange I still wonder what’s next if anything at all! lol.

Comment below please, what do you think of these people hacking into Boxxy’s Youtube account?

Peace Xo