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Reality TV: Evil but We Like it

Disclaimer: Rant/Ramble ahead

Have you ever wondered what makes certain things popular? Like certain T.V Shows that are wretched trash (Living Lohan, America’s next top model, Survivor, American Idol, Jackass, Big Brother for example….) I’ll admit I’ve wasted time being suckered in by a bad rendition of a random one hit wonder on American Idol, and I’ve giggled at the idiocy of some Jackass stunts, and for some reason I have found myself watching Big brother since season 8…(i find the competitions interesting/amusing and to be honest the twist of human interaction in stressful situations appeals to the psychology geek in me) but I still know that its a money making marketing scheme that profits by appealing to human interest and exploitation. It defines the very reason for this rant/ramble and yet I/we still watch it.
Reality TV as a franchise, is only leading to the deterioration of Society. The focus of what is right and what is good for us has shifted…America (who of course provides most television) pride’s itself on the American Dream but do they even know what that is anymore? The biggest focus is on money, power and beauty and who has it and who doesn’t. What about family or pride? Love or compassion for other’s?
Darwin said – “In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.”
Ofcourse that was way back in the mid 1800’s when people actually had to fight for survival. Time’s have changed and what has come out of it is most likely not what Darwin had in mind.
We’ve all been drawn in by what’s in front of us and not by what we can seek because thats the fact of change, you can only go so far. One day down the road we will either all get bored of what entertains us all or we will be forced to change our way of lives and have to truly learn what makes us survive. We’ve all become dependent on technology and the way we live, we wash, cook and clean with ease, we can have things at the click of a button and not blink an eye to do it. And that’s what makes reality TV so interesting without us even knowing it.. we can have excitement and man’s primary animalistic need for competition and battle all rolled up into one neat little package delivered right to our living rooms. We as humans used to seek the excitement and now we take what we can get, even if its boring, lame and completely a waste of time 😉
Thus another reason why Youtube is so popular and video’s like this, get so many veiws 😉

*Sigh* The ACDC – M&MCru Battle…apparently the live battle is going to be at the Teen Choice Awards……..*rolls eyes* Not what I had in mind for where they were going with that…I should have known that something with Miley Cyrus in it would turn lame…

In other Happy News, the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer is up 😀

Peace and Thanks for reading 🙂 Comments are Appreciated ♥ (If anyone is actually reading this yet 🙂 )


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